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Role: Founder and Designer
User Research, Interaction, Visual design, Prototyping & Testing


NavGenie is a groundbreaking AR mobile application designed to address the challenges faced by international students when navigating unfamiliar university campuses. Founded by Maria Farhadi and Zahra Zare, this entrepreneurship project was born out of their personal experiences as international students who arrived in a foreign land with dreams and aspirations but often felt lost amidst unfamiliar buildings and faces.

Unveiling the Mission

NavGenie has not only simplified the campus navigation experience for international students but has also contributed to reducing stress and fostering a sense of belonging. Scholarships and competition wins have recognized the innovative impact of this project on the international student community.

App Preview


Diving into the Heart of the Project

NavGenie is the solution that empowers international students to explore their academic journey with confidence, bridging the gap between uncertainty and belonging, and enhancing their overall university experience.

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Empathy Map

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User Needs

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